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The law firm of Draper & Wagner, PC formed in 2001with the partnership between Adam C. Draper and Lawrence Wagner. Adam and Larry met as young attorneys in the early 1990’s working together in a large personal injury law firm in Greenville, North Carolina.

Over the years the scope of the practice expanded beyond personal injury and worker’s compensation. Our practice grew to met the needs of our clients. Former clients lives changed, some wanted to start a small business and needed our services, others needed a will while others had marital issues we continue to grow to meet the needs of our clients.

     Justice can be elusive.  The truth is not always obvious.   It usually takes time spent listening for an attorney to offer meaningful insight into a client's legal issues.   Whether it is in an initial telephone conversation or over a cup of coffee, we listen.  We usually provide our first impressions, but then take some time to consider what needs to be done next.   Our attorneys help clients sort through their legal issues with calm deliberation and wisdom to solve problems and prevent them where possible.  If it comes to litigation, however, we bring experience to bear in the halls of justice.

      We want clients to choose our firm because they feel comfortable with us and confident with our ability to help them.  The relationship between an attorney and a client is personal, and should not be entered cavalierly.   We do not take every case we are asked to handle, neither do we simply work for money.   Nevertheless, we encourage those clients we have to call us every time they have a legal issue.  Our goal is to build relationships with clients, so that they come to think of us as something akin to their own in-house counsel.  We have developed a way for them to do this without it costing an arm and a leg.  This way, they can feel at ease to call us before they make decisions that may end up having long term repercussions.  Even if they have legal issues we do not cover, our clients call us first to discuss their problems, and we help find good attorneys who do handle those matters.

     Draper & Wagner, PC represents both businesses and individuals.  These are some of the areas of law in which we offer our help:  

Personal Injury, Workers' Compensation, Small Business, Corporations, Restaurants, Wage and Hour, Charitable and Religious Organizations, Immigration, Property, Wills, Trusts  and Estates, and Family Law.

     We have two attorneys, Adam Draper and Larry Wagner.  Each has practiced law for more than 24 years.    We want our clients turn to us for wise counsel every time they need a lawyer.


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Adam C. Draper

Adam Carroll Draper was admitted to practice law in North Carolina in 1989.  He graduated earlier that year from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Law, where he was a member of the Holderness Moot Court Bench.   In 1986, he graduated magna cum laude from Lenoir-Rhyne University with a Bachelors of Arts in Philosophy as an honors student with a thesis on Law and Religion.  Mr. Draper also received Lenoir-Rhyne's Award for Editorial Achievement in 1986 for his work on the college's newspaper. 

     After law school, Mr. Draper began practice at the law firm of Craighill, Rendleman, Ingle & Blythe in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he handled litigation in insurance law and construction law.  He went on to join the law firm of Taft, Taft & Haigler in Greenville, North Carolina, where he handled almost every imaginable kind of personal injury case.  In 1993 he began his own practice, forming Littlejohn, Moir & Draper with two other attorneys upon returning home to Winston-Salem, where he had attended high school.  In 2001, Larry Wagner, who practiced with Mr. Draper at Taft, Taft & Haigler, moved to Winston-Salem and the two formed Draper & Wagner, PC.    

      Now, with more than twenty-five years of experience, Mr. Draper represents both businesses and individuals in a variety of cases.  From major litigation involving serious injuries or death to every day issues, he faces all cases the same way.  He first listens to clients and then he helps them figure out the best way to resolve the problems they are facing, which may or may not require hiring an attorney.   Mr. Draper handles insurance litigation in addition to a whole range of business cases, such as  wage and hour issues for restaurants or the formation of tax-free organizations and other corporations.  He also handles cases for individuals, such as wills, property disputes, immigration and family law matters. 

     Mr. Draper is a member of the North Carolina State Bar, the Twenty-First Judicial District Bar and the Forsyth County Bar.  He is also admitted to practice in Federal Court in North Carolina.  He and his wife live in Winston-Salem and he is a proud father.   Mr. Draper serves as a member of the Board of Directors of the House of Prayer in Jamestown, North Carolina, which is a Christian Rehabilitation Facility.  He also serves as attorney for Healing the Broken Hearted Ministries, and for Jesus' Labor of Love..


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Lawrence Wagner

Lawrence Wagner


   Lawrence Arthur Wagner was admitted to practice law in North Carolina in 1991 after graduating from Villanova School of Law.  In 1987, he graduated from the University of Delaware with a Bachelor of Arts in History.

     In many ways, Mr. Wagner began his legal career while working his way through law school.  He began working for law firms in Philadelphia and learned the nuances of practicing law from skilled attorneys at the top of their craft.    In addition to carrying a full course load at Villanova, he worked 15 to 20 hours a week.  Mr. Wagner believes that law school taught him to think like a lawyer, but working for those amazing Philadelphia attorneys taught him how to practice law.

     Greenville, North Carolina seemed like a world away from Philadelphia, but in 1991 Mr. Wagner took his talents there to work for Taft, Taft & Haigler, a large personal injury firm.  He remained there for 10 years, handling everything from simple automobile accidents to complex medical malpractice and products liability cases.  He also discovered that he had a gift for understanding the intricacies of insurance law, particularly finding coverage in various policies and coupling or "stacking" them.  This is invaluable in helping clients avoid the all too common problem of lacking enough insurance coverage to compensate them for their losses. 

     In 2001, Mr. Wagner moved his family to Winston-Salem, North Carolina to start the law firm of Draper & Wagner, PC with his old friend, Adam Draper, who had practiced with him in Greenville.  Mr. Wagner is a seasoned attorney.  He likes the fact that he is actually a counselor first and an attorney second.  Whether a case involves an automobile accident, an injury on the job, a business dispute or a family law issue, Mr. Wagner offers sound advice, presenting legal options to help clients solve problems, not prolong them.  He uses his understanding of insurance law to find coverage that might be overlooked without him, and he uses his years of training to advise clients in workers compensation cases how to find the best way to get their issues taken care of so they can get on with their lives.   Mr. Wagner has the pause and the temperament to pay attention to the real concerns of his clients, rather than simply seeing each case as a way of making money. 

     Mr. Wagner is a family man.  He and his wife have been married since 1991.  They have been blessed with three children, and one of them is still at home.


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