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Business Law is a general reference to many different types of law and regulations concerning business or commerce.  It includes everything from anti-trust law to zoo equipment sales.  In fact, it can be safely said that if anyone wants to sell something in America, there is a law regulating it.  Since ignorance of the law is no excuse, anyone wanting to transact business is left to wonder which laws govern that business and what needs to be done to conform to those laws.  Of course, if there are all kinds of laws regulating business, there are all kinds of lawyers handling each kind.


We started handling general business cases at Draper & Wagner, PC because clients needed our help.  After running our own business so long, we just understood the problems.  Now, we represent a number of businesses.  We help people form new businesses, and will even host the first board meeting so they can be sure things start off on the right foot.  Once new businesses get going, we help with the problems that normally come up, including wage and hour issues, contract disputes, and even immigration filings for skilled positions.  We help charitable and religious organizations through the entire formation process, from getting started all the way through obtaining tax exempt status; and then we help them avoid endangering that status.


This site has a number of pages devoted to specific areas of business law that we handle, but the one thing to bear in mind about legal business issues in general is not to let things sit.  If you are aware of an issue, it is better to call and deal with it before the problem becomes bigger.  This may seem obvious, but we have seen many serious situations that could have been avoided by a simple phone call.  Because of that, we offer an interesting opportunity for businesses to keep us on call in a way.  When a problem comes up, we are something like in-house counsel, who clients can call just make sure they are handling a situation correctly.


It seems as though the business climate gets more turbulent, and perhaps even a little nastier, every day.  Our attorneys take time with business clients to consider their various legal issues.  Whether that involves advice over a cup of coffee or working through more complicated aspects of the law, we provide the wisdom and the pause it takes to calmly consider the right path.  Then, we will walk that path with our clients each step of the way until the situation is resolved.  That is what clients value the most about us, and why they return the next time they have a problem.